Peter James 

SU QLD’s school chaplaincy program has been bringing hope to a young generation for 25 years. Through the generosity of guests over the last 15 years, Frontline has become a significant income stream for this critical initiative.

SU QLD employs over 600 chaplains who work in more than 800 Queensland schools. These ‘chappies’ are a listening ear for young people in need, coming alongside them and supporting them through difficult times. Chaplains have been a vital link in providing support to flood and drought-affected communities and those affected by tragedy and loss. They’re also there to encourage the kids in their triumphs.

This year, more than ever,  we need your support to continue the vital work that School Chaplains do. Frontline 2015 will be an evening of marvellous entertainment, excellent company and delicious food. Most importantly, you’ll hear remarkable stories from the ‘frontline’ of our schools.




About SU QLD

SU Qld LogoSU QLD’s vision is to see each child and young person connected and supported in community, serving others, and experiencing fullness of life.
As a practical outworking of this vision, SU QLD runs more than 100 camps, holiday programs and community outreach events each year. It works with hundreds of ‘at-risk’ young people through adventure-based programs, and supplies school chaplains to more than 800 school communities across Queensland.

SU QLD has worked in schools for more than 80 years, and has successfully employed chaplains with Education Queensland endorsement since 1990. SU QLD is officially endorsed by the Department of Education as an accredited employing authority for school chaplains.

Fast Facts about SU QLD Chaplaincy

  • More than 67% of Queensland state schools have a chappy… that leaves around 400 state schools without a chappy!
  • SU QLD has placed chappies in 63% of all Queensland state primary schools and in 88% of all Queensland state high schools.
  • Our chappies serve more than 400,000 Queensland students