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My name is Jasmine. I’m in Year 7 and I enjoy soccer, shopping, sleepovers with my friends and getting Mum to drive me places. I want to tell you how chaplaincy has affected my life…

It’s really hard for kids to see their parents fight. Sometimes we feel like we’ve been the cause of the trouble. I know that’s how I felt. When my parents split up, my siblings told me I was to blame for the separation. And at the time, I believed them. I felt unhappy and guilty for about a year.

When I was in Year 4, our chaplain visited my classroom and talked about a program for kids whose parents had been through separation and divorce. I joined the Seasons for Growth program and started spending time with my chappy, Mrs Eadie.

My Dad used to hurt my Mum, and that was a really scary thing to see. When my Dad called me and my brother names, or hurt my brother, I’d feel really angry and sad and didn’t know what to do about it. Talking to Mrs Eadie showed me I don’t have to keep those feelings inside, and talking about them helps me to feel free. If you have no one to talk to, your feelings get stuck inside and you keep feeling those things over and over again.

The words and the encouragement that Mrs Eadie has given me over the years have made me realise I am special and I that can do almost anything. It’s so important to have someone you can trust to help you. I know other chaplains must also help lots of hurting students to give them the same courage and confidence that I have now.

I’m so glad my chappy is here for me.