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The Chen family began their involvement with SU over 30 years ago when the family lived and worked in Singapore. We met with Dr CK Chen and his son, Wei-Loong, to talk about why chaplaincy is so significant to both generations of the family.

My wife did a lot of advisory work on a committee level with SU in Singapore, from 1982 to 1990,” CK says, “and it was she who initiated our first attendance at a Frontline Dinner. She was the one who phoned up and asked, ‘What can we do?’

Since their first Frontline Dinner in 2000, the Chens have faithfully attended every year. Wei-Loong, Special Counsel with a Brisbane-based law firm, didn’t fully appreciate the need for chaplaincy support until he attended the dinner with his parents.

I moved here from Singapore with my family when I was 13,” Wei-Loong says. “I came from a background where I assumed schools just naturally came with a chaplain, someone kids could talk to. It was only upon attending the Frontline Dinners that I realised it’s not a given, and that’s why I started getting involved.

Hearing the stories from the chaplains and students just reinforces that commitment. I’ve worked with kids, and I’ve seen the difference an encouraging word or just five minutes sitting down and listening can make in a child’s life.

Children are the most important assets in our lives,” CK agrees. “We, as a family, feel that we must do something for the children of Queensland.

There are many ways that you, or perhaps your business, can get behind the work of SU QLD. One way, of course, is by hosting a table at this year’s annual Frontline Dinner. “Do it just once and you’ll be hooked!” says CK, and his son agrees.

It’s an immensely rewarding experience to know that my contribution is going towards something that’s making a real difference,” Wei-Loong said. “Why do I keep supporting chaplaincy? Because it works.

If you’d like to know how you or your business can partner with SU QLD in providing encouragement, support and hope to young Queenslanders, contact our Relationships Manager, John Scott, on 0414 474 745.